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Here's What to Expect When You Work With Us


You'll Experience Our High Standards

We believe that trust should be earned through experience and, of course, some pretty good results. We have years of experience as residential electricians, this shines through in the high standards we hold in our everyday work. 

 We'll Treat Your Home Like It's Our Own

We understand that by letting us into your home, you are trusting us with your most valued possession that you've worked very hard for. We will keep it clean and tidy without finger marks, footprints and other annoyances.

You'll Get A Free Safety Check

Everyone loves a freebie! While we’re at your home we can perform our free electrical safety check. This check should be done regularly to ensure your home is safe from possible electrical hazards. Particularly in older homes or if you’ve just moved into a new home, it’s great peace of mind.  

 We'll Value Your Time

We know what it's like to arrange a time to meet a tradie at home, only to be cancelled on at the last minute. Our residential electricians have systems and processes to avoid this, but sometimes, things do go haywire and we can't be on time. If you feel we have let you down, you are backed by our Service Guarantee.


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