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placeholder Are you Renovating?!

If you are renovating your home in Christchurch, chances are you will encounter a few older electrical items that are no longer up to code. Or you may want to remove, add or relocate electrical outlet

8 24, 2022
placeholder What to do when a circuit breaker trips

What To Do When A Circuit Breaker Trips

If a circuit breaker in your switchboard trips it can mean anything from one appliance going down to a whole section of the house being left in the dark.

2 23, 2021
placeholder 4 Energy Efficient Ways To Run Your Christmas Lights

Nothing says Christmas quite like Christmas lights!

12 9, 2020
placeholder 10 Questions you should ask your Electrician today

JMW Electrical knows that you want value for your money when hiring any kind of tradesperson, and that’s why we encourage our clients to ask questions.

6 1, 2020
placeholder Ventilation Options for a Healthier Home

Moisture can make your house feel cold and uncomfortable, and cause mould, mildew and other damage to your property and belongings. Learn more about ventilation options for a healthier home now!

9 19, 2019
placeholder 10 Most Dangerous Home Electrical Hazards

There are potential electrical hazards in every home. Thankfully, the risks associated with electricity in the home can be reduced or eliminated altogether by taking proper safety precautions.

8 7, 2019
placeholder Electrical Compliance for Healthy Home Standards

If you own a rental property, it’s time to ensure that property meets the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s new Health Home Standards.

5 10, 2019
placeholder Electric Car Costs & Benefits

Thinking about upgrading to an electric car? We’ve got the skinny and the stats to help you make the right decision for your home and driving needs.

2 20, 2019
placeholder Renovating Your Older Home?

If you’ve just moved into an older home or the time is finally right to refurbish your existing home, you may be planning on renovating in 2019!

1 28, 2019