Meet Our Team

Our team together draw on our wide range of experience to work together to give you the best possible outcome


The Boss 1

Pedro Denison (Wayne)

Electrical Director

This is the man behind JMW Electrical Services, Wayne Denison aka Pedro he is a Hurricanes supporter through and through, born and bred in Paraparaumu but was persuaded to try the South and has never looked back! In his spare time he enjoys playing Touch Rugby, Tennis, Mountain Biking and Snowboarding along with watching and coaching his kids in sport. 

Pedro is passionate about people and is a real deliverer when it comes to communication, reliability and friendliness. He believes in treating people how you want to be treated and that includes his own staff, our direct clients and other businesses he works alongside. This comes from working for Contiki in Europe driving tours for quite a number of years. He knows what it is like to deal with 50 clients at a time doing a month long tour of Europe, doing this job taught him how to deal with people from all walks of life, you are the counsellor, the tour guide, the friend, and the parent at times these skills in dealing with people are something that you very much need in business as well. This is the guy you want to be dealing with he won’t let you down - believe us.

2 Will

Will Brown

Registered Electrician

This is Will, he is one of our Registered Electricians, he has been with a us for a quite a while now. From long ago when working for another we spotted Will and we knew we had to have him come and work for us, he was our kinda guy one that you can always rely on to get the job done with a great attitude. Will is born and bred Cantabrian who spends his spare time with his partner and two small children. He also loves playing football and watching sport and talking sport with work colleagues this is a theme with the people we employ here at JMW Electrical. We are all about good sportsmanship which goes hand and hand with the way we operate our business on a daily basis.




3 Kieran

Kieran Harland 

Registered Electrician

Would you like to meet Kieran? Kieran he is one of our Registered Electricians. He is another that we had our eye on and finally convinced him to come and work for us. Kieran always has an idea about what he could or should be doing with Technology, we love this about him. He is a born and bred Cantabrian who loves socialising and eating out with his partner, family and friends. You will also find him on the golf course, playing touch rugby or football. He is a very social kinda guy and has an easy going personality that makes him an asset to JMW Electrical Services, he is only too happy to have a chat so be sure to say hi next time you see Kieran. 



BenBen O'Connell

Apprentice Electrician

We know you would love to meet Ben! He is our Apprentice Electrician. He has completed his pre-trade through Ara, and lucky enough for him he has managed to score himself a role with JMW. Ben has been with us since October 2016 and has worked in the Hospitality industry prior to this. He certainly brings with him that customer service side that is very important to us here at JMW. During the weekends you will find Ben spending time with his partner or refereeing Football at a National League standard so he is often called to go elsewhere in the country or you may even see him on TV. We loved the idea that he had this other passion going on and for us this was something that was important, as you all know our guys do love to play and watch way too much sport. We look forward to getting Ben through his apprenticeship.



MeganMegan Denison 

Administration Director

I grew up with a family who had a Electrical business, I spent many an hour as a young teen invoicing and doing admin work and cleaning up workshops to earn a dollar. After working in the Travel Industry for most of my working life and spending a bit of time overseas working, I have realised that systems organisation and quality assurance are my thing. I love the opportunities that come with systems and with any new exciting technology that I feel can better our business in many ways. Persuading the blokes here that this is how we are going to move forward is always the next challenge ahead for me.

My role is to look after all the Admin, Health and Safety, Marketing and Staff. I make sure everything is running smoothly for every part of our business with Customer Service and Quality being our NUMBER ONE priority.

Whilst I'm not working, I love walking in the hills and yoga to chill me out. During the winter I love nothing more than hitting the ski fields with my children. Travel is a huge thing in my life as well and I'm always planning the next getaway.

Thank you for your positivity about what we are creating here at JMW Electrical Services we really want to build great relationships with our customers that last a lifetime and I see an exciting future ahead.