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placeholder The Pros and Cons of Smart Home Devices & Home Automation

The popularity of smart home devices has skyrocketed in the past few years - but like most technology designed to make our lives easier, there are pros and cons.

10 24, 2018
placeholder How much is too much lighting by Anna Margaret Interiors

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary” Aaron Rose (Film Director, Artist, Writer)

9 7, 2018
placeholder There's more to service than meets the eye

When that professional service Electrician first meets your task, a number
of costs have already been incurred just to get them to that point.

8 24, 2018
placeholder 5 Electrical Tips & Ideas For New Homes

When building a new house there are so many things to think about, that getting creative with your electrical work often comes second after focussing on more prominent design features.

8 12, 2018
placeholder 9 Common electrical problems around the home

Electrical problems can be dangerous, and it’s important that you fix them for the safety of your family. Here are a few common household electrical problems we see around the home all too often.

7 16, 2018
placeholder Sort those small electrical jobs this winter

Heat pump servicing, faulty sockets, installing security lights?
We've got you covered...find out how we can help you get those small household electrical jobs sorted this winter.

6 11, 2018
placeholder Enjoy better air at home

A safe and healthy home should be at the top of any family’s priority list. In addition to good insulation, ventilation is vital to circulate fresh air and prevent moisture being trapped inside.

5 10, 2018
placeholder How much power does it take to run an average household?

How can you save power and money in your back pocket? Here we outline all you need to know...

4 16, 2018
placeholder Why you should switch to LED lights

LEDs are becoming more and more popular – and for good reason!

Here we outline just a few reasons why you should switch your home or business to LED lights today.

2 19, 2018